Houry Avedissian

Architect and Owner of Ha² Architecture & Design Inc.

As the Architect and Owner of Ha² Architecture & Design Inc., Houry Avedissian has been leading and delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for custom residential projects since 2008. With over 20 years of experience in the architecture and design industry, her strong passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces has enhanced the quality of life and well-being of her clients while respecting the environment and the community.  

As a licensed architect with the Ontario Association of Architects; OAA, and a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada; RAIC, Houry’s vast competencies include architectural design, interior design, built-in furniture design, landscape architecture, and construction management and more. 

After building an exceptional reputation for modern bespoke residential designs, from transformative renovations, through to expansive multi-unit developments, she is now taking on larger scale projects ranging from residential, commercial and retail developments as well.

Traveling across the globe, which happens to be one of Houry’s biggest passions, is facilitated by being fluent in five languages. This simultaneously allows her to acquire a diverse cultural background, while undeniably supplementing and replenishing her creative vision and approach to design.

Houry’s insatiable curiosity and unending thirst for inspiration worldwide is reinvigorated with each new journey she undertakes. Her clients can rely on her to tap into that deep reservoir of ideas she has to explore from, no matter what design challenge is on hand.

Houry’s hallmark is her ability to orchestrate an exciting creative journey for her clients. With the intricacies of a client’s desires, site potentials, and objectives in mind, her work culminates in a design her clients never dared to imagine possible. She crafts the blueprint for their idyllic living spaces and presents them with the keys to a new and improved way of life.

Houry’s design philosophy weaves together detailed and innovative architectural elements, thoughtfully-curated interior arrangements, and landscaped surroundings. The result is a cohesive, holistic project that resonates powerfully with her clients. 

Fuelled by a deep passion and commitment, she believes that the artistic essence of architecture is equally as significant and powerful as the function of the spaces with which we interact daily. This is why she strives to make each project special and one-of-a-kind.