Ottawa Ontario, 2012-2014 2000 SF each 2 Semi Detached Residences

These 2 semi-detached units follow a growing real estate trend shaped by the growing economy in Ottawa, where a single bungalow is replaced with two multiple story units. The property is uniquely located within walking distance of the Westboro beach. Arctic white cement board panels together with natural western red cedar siding clad the exterior of the building. A prominent cantilevered balcony frames each dwelling as it overlooks the street inviting neighbor interactions. A central open steel staircase connecting the two floors is inundated with light from the tall glazed skylight above the 2nd floor. The west facing naturally elevated street front inspired the design of a raised ground floor and a gently sloped driveway. This allows the units to benefit from abundant natural afternoon lighting within the narrow structural configuration throughout the year via their large expansive glazed front elevations. Upon entering the inviting ground floor, there is a large fireplace that spans the whole length of the great room . Using the latest materials, this magnifies the effect of the open concept to create very contemporary spaces within.