Montreal Quebec. 750 SF Library-Conference-Lecture Room

This nearly 35 year old primary school, which I attended no less, was in need of a updated library. The existing space, clutter once removed, exposed a large new potential canvas to work with. State of the art audio visual technology integration, automated retractable screens for presentations and group conferences were among the top criteria for this expansion, and central to this multipurpose room. As such spatially economic, expandable conference tables will be used in the central core of the room. While unused, the table leaves are neatly tucked away in the backdrop within the dedicated cabinetry. A custom designed narrow, long, study bar and maximized shelving units are designed to keep the students neatly gathered around the perimeter enabling the center to be used for class gathering. This design takes into account the new wave of iPad use for online book download, doing away with the conventional method of borrowing books. The wave of the future is here, and it's come to least for a little while....